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Specific AW Class Diversity improvement recommendations--how to increase and improve champ variety

This is a repost from the General Discussion thread but I believe these warrant posting here. Apologies for the duplication but I feel these suggestions will get lost in the chatter of general complaints and comments
Concerning the class "diversity" issue
While good in concept to diversify classes used in AW, as mentioned in the post, it will not add significantly to the AW score. It will help break ties if I remember correctly from the post.
My suggestion--add class specific buffs on certain nodes plus earn AW points for number of class specific nodes used correctly. Call it a "Defensive Utilization Bonus"
Example: Node 23--standard node buff is 100% Health and attack, however using a Mutant or Skill on this node adds 50% Armor. Node 16--unblockable L1 with 30% enhanced damage, however using a Tech or Science on this node changes it to unblockable L2 with 30% damage.
This is not to say ONLY the specific class could be used on a specific node. You can still use any champ on any node. You get just get a bonus for using the specific class.
Could also add a "max attempts-death limit" type of class specific buff where champs having a class disadvantage can be revive X -Y times but champs with class advantage can revive X + Y times
This accomplishes at least these 4 things.
1) encourages diversity of champs used across the board in very specific ways addressing the MD/Mystic champ concentration issues. This could be in addition to the "named" champs as described in the release announcement. Get a "champ diversity bonus" as well as a "defensive utilization" bonus. Any bonus points would need to be significant enough to benefit the team yet not enough to offset the overall accomplishments of exploration, nodes removed & boss kills
2) using two classes on these types of nodes keeps from predicting what classes are there. Could even do a "wrapper" combination--either Skill or Mutant. Do you risk using a Science against that node? (See next item)
3) maintains the value of the detect masteries (my AW design would be like current--classes aren't revealed except on boss, maybe the mini-bosses)
4) the class specific "max attempts" buff overcomes the "spending vs skill" concerns voiced since the announcement. May actually encourage spending through the purchase of higher cost revives/heals--make sure you heal up high enough to take out the node bc you only have 6 attempts

These are non-specific examples. The dev/map designer team surely could come up with a diverse combination
Additionally, variations on Map 4 node-class specific buffs could vary from time to time (I.e. Switch the classes on which each node receives the additional buff) to increase the variety of AW maps.


  • Correction. Under #2, it should read "..either Skill or Mystic" instead. The "wrapper" concept is to set a node to provide a class specific bonus, in this example, Skill or Mystic. Those players utilizing a Science champ would potentially face a class disadvantage (if Skill is placed there) or class advantage (if Mystic is placed on the class specific node). It sets up a risk/reward scenario for those players without a detect mastery.
  • Second correction. Replace "Map 4" in the final paragraph with just the word "map"
  • Final clarification. The node examples provide are just that, examples. They are not meant to identify or restrict the use of class specific buffs on only those nodes. Class specific buffs could be used from 1-50 potential nodes. The number of the class specific node buffs could increase as AW tiers get lower (example: tier 12 has only 5 class specific buffs but tier 1 has all 50 nodes with them). Accommodates less developed alliances which may not have the champ diversity of older, more veteran alliances.
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