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Will Carnage have a node in the new war system to make him useful?

CuteshelfCuteshelf Posts: 747 ★★★
Make Carnage useful.

Also make his spotlight snap to the top of the forums when commented on.

Carnage fans won't stay quiet. Stop trying to silence us.

He desperately needs a fix. Moreso than any other character.


  • Eos_Nano_XEos_Nano_X Posts: 304
    They did say a fix was in the works but not expected until 16.0-17.0
  • Eos_Nano_XEos_Nano_X Posts: 304
    This was all on champion spotlight - Carnage.
  • NEO_mr_AndersonNEO_mr_Anderson Posts: 1,065 ★★★
    One of the best Super-villain in the Spider-verse and they did make him hit like a wet noodle. So sad!!!! :'(
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