LF2 - 200mil AQ plat 4 AW

We are an adult competitive but chill ally. In AQ we are looking for a map 5 player, we run 554 x 5 and are hitting 200mil score with full modifiers. AW we will finish in plat 4, possibly plat 3 (currently sitting 205 in plat 4). We expect each member to grow, finish AQ, and compete in AW but its still a game and most people have a life outside of it.
Need a player with a roster that can handle map 5 of AQ as well as AW defense(all 5r3 or higher) and clear AW lane at same time. Ideally prestige should be 8500+. Only 3-day event minimum is 15k for Completion. Donations 30k gold and 1k loyalty. If you'd like to talk my line is johara84.
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