5* r5 rank up: Quake or Ghost

Goken2345Goken2345 Posts: 551 ★★
I don’t run suicides

5* r5 rank up: Quake or Ghost 15 votes

TerraLvernon15VoltolosRockypantherxFabwizi 5 votes
BENJI830Jim0172igotgame1075HendrossTJ107Amazing_Demon05EtjamaK3600DevilMayCryFirefly 10 votes


  • HendrossHendross Posts: 431 ★★
    Quake does everything at r4, ghost has a greater return in high end content. Love them both.
  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 1,567 ★★★
    Idk what you are looking for
    But I will tell you what I ahev completed with ghost
    Act6.1 completion every boss take down with ghost

    Act5.4 all chapters completion
    Every path and every boss defeated by ghost except the modok
    Didn't spend a single revive or pot on any of the paths or bosses except modok because I couldn't do it with her thats it

    She's a godsend
  • Goken2345Goken2345 Posts: 551 ★★
    I’ve completed 6.1-6.3 and will look to do variant 2 exploration and this is also for future content.
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