4.7 mil AQ Focused Alliance looking for 1-2

Hi guys,

We need 1-2 people for our alliance. The main focus is AQ, where we run usually maps 54433, 55433, 54443 or 55443. In AW we gravitate between tiers 7-9 as of lately.

The last 3 AQ cycles we finished a little above rank 700 in Advanced bracket. So we are very close to moving to Expert bracket. We need players with experience in maps 4 and 5. No need for boss killers, but if one this would be a plus.

Most of the fellers have been playing together since more last year so we have a very good core group. We value good communication, skill and team play above roster size.

If the above sounds like you then contact me in game or line, the ID is the same - Sakkban.


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