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AQ Focused Top 250 Looking for a Few Players

Hi all,

Looking for 1-2 more. A couple side accts in the alliance to replace. Here's who we're looking for and what we're all about.

You are:
- Around 9.5-10k prestige
- US-based Time Zone
- Can move in-game and check LINE regularly during the day
- Easy going, drama-free
- Donates early, no chasing needed

We are:
- AQ-focused: Map 6x5 with daily modifiers (heroic/master mix), Top 250
- Donations: 320k Gold, 23k Loyalty, 30k BC
- All adults in 30-40s. No drama, no egos
- Active, responsible officers
- BGx3 AW (easy Tier 5, Gold 1, basically free shards, gold and loyalty)
- No event minimums

Hit me up via Line or in-game
Line: rowdyatrain
IGN: RowdyAtrain
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