Why doesn't the sigil have early champ crystals anymore

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One month the sigil had a chance for 1 featured cav crystal for an early chance at the new champ. Why has this never happened again? At the time I hoped it was something new that was going to be added to the sigil. I have purchased the sigil every month since it came out. Lately I have been debating keeping it because nothing has changed and it's getting boring. The above crystals would be a small reason to keep it as it would be something different and new every month. What does everyone else think about the sigil after all these months?


  • I think if you're willing to spend the money it is pretty good value.

    I sub for the intrinsic value; I don't really know what it means for the Sigil to be "boring" as I don't look at it in those terms. For efficiency reasons I general buy basics: the Sigil lets me take a few shots at the featured without much of a shard premium. It lets me convert T3B to T3C which means when I occasionally use those I don't have to run the T3C event anymore. It significantly increases the value of my shards through conversion: I pretty much buy all the conversions every two weeks. Even the PHC conversion has value because it not only doubles the value of the shards but it hands you fully formed PHCs which count for a lot more points in events.

    Between the energy increase and the conversions and the Sigil milestones I get more value out of resources, I get more resources period, and I even have more options on where to spend my actual gameplay time. An occasional bonus like the preview crystal is great, but the value I get already is sufficient to make it worth it.
  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
    I would like to see the preview crystal added to it. That what we have something different to look forward to every month
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