Mephisto incinerate immune now?

AleorAleor Posts: 1,967 ★★★★
Was fighting sp3 bias mephisto with domino, rulk and massacre synergies are there. When landing heavy, he got debuff icon, but wasn't getting any damage from it.
Also I'm too lazy to issue a bug for another generic answer, just dropping it here


  • @Aleor It's not a bug. It's in his Passive Abilities.

    Gains power instead of taking damage. Wouldn't advise using Incinerate on him.
  • AleorAleor Posts: 1,967 ★★★★
    @SiriusBreak, wow, never seen it. Thanks
  • Anytime! @Aleor

    Mephisto, while older, is an interesting champ. I recently pulled myself a 5*. I've had my 4* at R5 and Max Sig forever and a day now so I'm actually quite pleased to have the 5*. Great for Freezer Burn nodes, Aarkus, Icey, etc. That pseudo Incinerate Immunity is great. It's actually better than your standard immunity as it does something more with the Debuff instead of it just not working.

    I would love to see this done more often in place of immunities. Ghost converts Debuffs into Passive Furies, Red Hulk shrugs off/converts Posion & Incinerate into Heat Charges, Nebula can shrug off/convert up to 3 Shock Debuffs placed per fight into 5 Shock Charges(per Shock Debuff), and uh.... yeah I can't think of anyone else at the moment, lol. End point is, fun ability for Mephisto and want more like it! 😂
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