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ALLIANCE WAR member selection

I have been running an alliance for past few months and managing players who joins wars and quest, but the problem i face sometimes is when a new member join and without much communication he joins war occupying some other persons spot so that can effect the outcome of the war.

So I would like to suggest a change in ALLIANCE WAR member selection process, that the leader and officer should have the power to remove any joined member and lock in final selected members once they are satisfied.

I think it can be implemented by introducing a simple lock in button after which no change can be made in war. Players can join before lock in period they can't if players are locked in.

To avoid misuse of this feature this power can be given to alliance which have been running for a particular amount of time or have crossed particular bracket in alliance rank, like gold 3 and above.

I hope others agree with it and it helps benefit all the alliances, thanks.
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