Deciding factors for an upcoming featured 5* arena?

Mike192Mike192 Posts: 571 ★★★
Every 2 weeks, there is a non-new (existing but not a brand new) champion introduced to arena. What are the factors involved in champion selection?

Because we have seen Antman 3 times, Domino, Cap IW or even Medusa more than once but some really older champions like Hood or Guillotine only once on release


  • CliffordcanCliffordcan Posts: 1,314 ★★★★
    Usually it somehow correlates with the theme of the month, but sometimes it’s just super random (I’m sure it’s not random to Kabam).
  • Mike192Mike192 Posts: 571 ★★★
    Yes I would assume the champion introduced is either of the same class or has synergy with the 'new' champion being introduced.
  • So was Antman 4 times (per your other new post) or 3 times (per this post) ?

    And if I recall correctly, they re-ran the Antman twice within July 2018 because of some problems (outage/maintenance ?) that first week. So you can’t really count that as an additional time he’s been in arena.

    But correct in asking about Hood, he might have been skipped as a 2nd time around Hero maybe because of other end-of-year or other specialty arenas when otherwise he might have come up.
  • Mike192Mike192 Posts: 571 ★★★
    Antman was 3 times repeat and 4 times including introduction. I cant recall if Dorm came back as well 2nd time or not (since I started playing in 2018 beginning) but Hood and Dorm are probably 2 champs we haven't seen repeat as 5*
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