Regarding Last Week's Server Disruptions

Greetings Summoners,

On August 16th 2017, we experienced multiple service outages that disrupted the game for many players, in multiple ways. While our team worked quickly to address the issue, players were disconnected or unable to connect multiple times over an 8 hour period. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused our players.

For Summoners who participated in Alliance Quests that were affected by these disruptions, we will be granting three Alliance Quest map crystals in the next 24 hours. If a Summoner contributed to an Alliance Quest during the time these issues occurred, or up to 24 hours before the start of the disruptions, we will be granting them 3 map crystals of the map difficulty they contributed to. For example, if they contributed to completing Map 4, they would get three Map 4 Crystals.

We will also grant players in affected Arenas 10 Arena Boost crystals to assist with a future arena.

As a token of our appreciation for the patience and dedication of our Summoners, we will be adding a few extras this weekend:

Halls of Healing and Halls of Fortune weekend! The Halls will be returning 8/25 at 10am PDT with the Halls of Healing! The Halls of Fortune will follow on 8/26 at 10am PDT followed by one more run of Halls of Healing on 8/27 at 10am PDT! Each lasts 24 hours, so don’t miss out on this chance to earn bonus gold and potions!

Health Potion Trade Up! Trade-in Level 1 and Level 2 Health Potions and Alliance Health Potions for higher valued ones! Check the Featured Tab for this offer which will expire on 8/28 at 10am PDT.

Thank you for your patience as we worked to address these issues! Summoners can expect to receive these items within the coming hours.

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