[Mojoverse] Content missing in Arena Rewards

I've encountered an issue with missing content in the Rewards section of the Mojoverse Arena. So after you've battled 3 champions, you go to the rewards of that series (battlechips and gold). There are two buttons present (next serie - continue) Instead of using those I use the top menu to go to the homescreen (and collect the rewards of the solo objectives). Going back to the Arena select screen I see a Continue button on the Mojoverse Arena. Clicking on that button shows the following screen:

Using the described steps will always show this missing content screen.
Further information:
Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, with Android 10, on WiFi
Game version 25.3.0


  • Just a visual bug if you bypassed continuing as normal in arena (happens in every arena, if you jump to top menu to do other stuff)

    But once you come back in (as your pic shows) and you continue from there, the Points, Streak, etc, all turn back to what they should be.

    Nothing is actually lost.
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