Sig stones

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In terms of my rank ups, my real bottleneck is at the signature level stage. Im happily plodding along doing Map6 so I’m getting a good amount of T2A/T5B on a weekly basis, I’m able to complete and explore the Variants as they’ve come out (V1 excepted) and have 6.3 completed. So I’m getting a good amount of 5/6* shards too.

I have OR and can awaken him, and then take him to sig...1, likewise with Aegon, I can take him to sig 40.

I dare say this is something that a lot of lower spenders find - they have the signature stones to max maybe one of each class at the most, if they were informed enough to keep a hold of their stones for one specific champ. My mutants are currently going to Namor, but it’ll be 2022 before he’s max sig unless something changes in how we acquire sig stones/make 5* far more accessible outside of cavs.

I’d personally be in favour of the next Variant containing a different type of rank up material in the chapter exploration rewards - I may be in the minority, but I would swap a 2016 gem for 100 generic 5* stones as this would let me use my Namor (sig 81) to his full ability, likewise it would make me ranking up either Aegon or OR worth it.

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