Need an alliance

Looking for Plat4 AW and Map 4 or 5 AQ. My game name is Mentore Ezio. Definitely have solid attack team and can add power. Let's goo!


  • Skeleskin_74Skeleskin_74 Posts: 10

  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
    We run aq 5/4/3, gold 3 war. Add me on line-medeuink
  • We run 2x map 4 1 x map 3 AQ
    Silver 2 AW.
    Line and ingame: xderangex
  • Zeronaut81Zeronaut81 Posts: 288 ★★
    Gold 2 alliance, running 55444 in AQ (currently working on adding map 6 to the mix). Minimal donations, stable long-term members. We use discord to communicate & have fun. IGN: zeronaut
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