Collector's phases

So guys I am going for an attempt towards uncollected and my question is,
As we know that collector switches to different phases at different health percents. So are these phases permanent or they expire when new relic is activated?
Thanks in advance


  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,868 ★★★★
    They are permanent as he enters new phases, the new abilities are added on to abilities he has already gained. By the end of the fight, he has all his abilities activated.

    6.2.6 Champion is a bit different. Some of his abilities change depending on what health range he's in. At some point, he'll stun anyone that makes contact with him while he's unstoppable. But if you're able to drop him below this point, that same ability won't be active.
  • HedronHedron Posts: 359
    Thanks for the help dude.
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