Gold 2 AQ & AW Alliance Recruiting

We are a chill alliance but we all put in time into this game so act like your care. We want to be G1 and then P4 in war.

What we need:

•log on at least every 5hrs to use your moves while awake.
•700k+ BHR / 8.5k+ prestige.
•At least Cavalier
•Line required. Tag when you clear nodes/mini

What you need to know:

•Donations 75k, 5k, 5k.
•No requirements for alliance events as we generally have no issue in that department.
•Run both map 5 and 6. Need more map 6ers so that would be an asset.
•Mainly North America based.

Reach me on Line for more details

Line ID: gami3it
Gamer Tag: Un©anny†Bze®ker
Alliance Tag: CØTA


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