Summoners, due to a technical issue, this week's series of Alliance Quests will be cancelled at 4pm PT. There will not be any Rewards for this series. The next series of Alliance Quests will start on April 18 at 12pm PT. We will be assessing the impact on Alliances and compensating accordingly, as well as returning Alliance Tickets.

Map 6, Plat 4 Alliance Looking for Skilled Players

We are an active group of veteran players.
Looking for active, skilled map 6 players with good communication and are team players.
We are AQ focused, all map 6 using all Master Modifiers. 100% completion every map. 400M+, top 150.
AQ starting prestige is 10.2k+ so looking for 10.2k+ prestige players.
US Timezones preferred, but can accommodate others.
We are Platinum 4 for War. Looking for strong defense, with counters and experience for tier 4/3 wars.
No requirements in other events but we always hit all milestones.
Contact me on Line.

Line ID: azkicker316
Ally tag: !TXA!


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