My prestige 10476, looking for top 90 AQ and P4, maybe Gold 1

I'm looking for a top 90 AQ ally (I've been in such an ally for the past 8-9 months). Not looking to push very hard in AW, and so Plat 4 (maybe high Gold 1 with good chance of P4).

I am US Central Time. I've 100% Variants 2, 3, and 4 and about 90% done with Variant 1. I've 100% Acts 1-5 and also 6.1. I have 14 5/65's.

I am not a lazy player and not looking for a lazy ally. I average around 20k in SA, and still do lots of arena. Coming from an ally whose average prestige is +10500 and absolutely no issues running map 6 all 5 days. It is very rare for me to use items in AQ.

Line ID: solrac2.0
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