What sorts of Developer-written Forum Posts would you like to see?

So I've really appreciated the development of Kabam's interaction with the community in the forums, with stuff like Champion Spotlights coming earlier (yes Kabam we know you're doing it partly to put the dataminers out of a job, smart move there), Thel's Content Creator Spotlights, and more stuff like that.
So what sorts of regular forum posts would you like to see Kabam consider making in the future? And if you were a developer making those forum threads, how would you imagine yourself structuring them? Please I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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    Personally, I'd love to see a monthly forum post reflecting on Monthly Events, permanent content and new features. I would love to see how they look back on the new content they create and give a short explanation on what their goals were with a new piece of content, whether they believe they reached their goals, using stats and quotes from the community among other things.

    How I would structure this sort of Forum Post

    [event name]

    - List of goals for the event (eg. we wanted summoners to try out a variety of gamemodes
    - maybe list some other ideas they came up with to achieve those goals which didn't quite make it (eg. making a rewards system that rewarded summoners for having more variety in the gamemodes they played on a regular basis didn't happen because we still wanted to give players SOME rewards even if they didn't play a variety of gamemodes)

    Community Response/Did It Work?

    - Using various relevant statistics and potentially some quotes from the community (maybe include a Content Creator Video on the topic as well? not necessarily restricted to members of the Official CCP Program though), reflect on whether the goals were met, and whether Summoners seemed to enjoy it. If so, why do you think it worked so well? If not, was it just cause the rewards weren't desirable enough (good concept, not great rewards), or was it because the idea itself wasn't fun (bad concept despite maybe having great rewards)?
    - Ideas on how Kabam thinks they could improve the event further if they decide to do something similar again (eg. let's put [acorn equivalent] into even more gamemodes next time. maybe we could put some into dungeons, and maybe put some alliance events in around it as well)
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