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Hello, during actual 6* arena i cant get my usual stack. im loosing after the same number of matches against the same enemies, an overrated match, an impossible match. This hapoens after 30 matches when everything should be fine. Something has changed?


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    If you’re using 1 r2/4-40 and 2 r1/3-30 that isn’t safe, it was never 100% safe, and with r3 6 stars the streak changes, like it always does with a new power level
  • NedgangNedgang Posts: 6
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    i loose with 2 5*r2 and 1 5*r1 like 2/3 matches befire it. I got 3 5* r5 and i loose...
  • If you’re just choosing yours in order as how they are listed (aka, by Rating), even if choosing some from different Rank levels (but still taking them by Rating WITHIN each of those 2 different Ranks), then you'll eventually start to get into using all the champs together that are in the lower end (within their Rank) together in same teams.

    And that could eventually get you in trouble.

    If I’m picking 3-man Teams (even of some cross-Rank mixture), I'll maybe chose one from top end of Rating, one from about in the middle, and last one from the bottom-end of Rating for whatever Rank I’m choosing from.

    That way all of my matches will basically be using around the same overall Rating (once you are above 20 or 22, where a stable amount should be kicking in).

    Otherwise you could have a deep swing of overall Team Rating between one match and another some 10 matches later on. Even if man-for-man they are the same Cross-Rank levels from one match to the next.
  • ..and don’t just blindly always click on the 3rd matchup choice for opponent. If you are near the threshold of required Rating, sometimes the 3rd choice may be a death match even though the 1st and 2nd choices are within your similar rating.
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