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Seeking advice for rank up for Variants and act6

BenQcSlayerBenQcSlayer Posts: 869 ★★★

Seeking advice for rank up for Variants and act6

Hello Summoners,

I am seeking advice about ranking up some champs for Variants and Act 6.

Act5 is fully completed but none of the variants are started and Act 6 is not started either.

Any experienced summoners can give me some good advice for 1- becoming Cavalier and 2- complete Variant 3 and 2.

My goal is to rank up a 5* to rank 5, and other 5* to rank 4/5 but not sure which one to up rank up next. I also

My Current Roster (relevant champs):

Nick Furry rank 1 unduped
Killmonger rank 1 unduped
Sentinel Rank 1Unduped

CAIW 5*5/5 sig 90
Venom 5* 5/5 sig 110

Medusa 5* 4/5 sig 20
Blade 5* 4/5 sig 60
Colossus 5* 4/5 sig100
Ghost Rider 5* 4/5 sig40
Aegon 5* 4/5 sig 20
Magik 5* 4/5 sig 80
SheHulk 5* 4/5 sig 100
Black Panther Classic 5* 4/5 sig 131
IMIW 5* 4/5 unduped
GweenPool 5* 4/5 unduped
EmmaFrost 5* 4/5 unduped
Angela 5* 4/5 undduped
Sentinel 5* 4/5 unduped

Some relevant 5* 3/5

Archangel duped sig 20
Mephisto Duped sig 20
Gambit Duped Sig 20
Thor Duped sig 20
Quake unduped

Other Relevant 5* 2/5

Gladiator Hulk unduped
Doctor Octopus unduped
Void Unduped
HulkBuster Duped sig 20…(maybe further consideration after the buff in June)

I have 2x 5* science awakening gem in my reserve.

For variant I got a bunch of 4* that are all maxed out and sig 99… well most of them.

Stark spidey
Omega Red
Agent Venum
Luke Cage
Just to mention, I am not trying to brag about my roster, I am playing the game for I think over 36 months, so yes you get to rank up a lot of champs when playing full time in alliances.

Well That’s my roster.

Like I mentioned before, I am looking to rank up 1x 5* to help for Variant and Act 6 Cavalier status.

Thanks for reading and for the constructive feedback.


  • typghtypgh Posts: 75
    Honestly, you have more/better options already than I did when I became Cavalier. I would get started and take up whoever you find will help you with whatever content you end up getting stuck on.

    If you need specific fighters, Archangel and Quake I’d take to R4. R5 is very difficult given your choices. While he might not be the best overall fighter listed, you asked specifically about variants and Sentinel is great for both V2 and V3.
  • SidDDragonSidDDragon Posts: 1,027 ★★★
    As has already been mentioned,u have the roster to become cavalier easily...just go in and u will find that u should have attempted it earlier...infact with ur current roster u can even do a run through v2,v3,v4 and with a few boosts even 6.2(if u are willing to spend units on revives to get past mr Sinister with Medusa)...look up a few YouTube guides and jump into the quests
  • BenQcSlayerBenQcSlayer Posts: 869 ★★★
    Ok thanks for the info summoners! :)
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