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Nightcrawler STILL Evading IWIM in AWar???

KeepinItRealKeepinItReal Posts: 229
edited February 2020 in Bugs and Known Issues

In August 24.2 Update Nightcrawler evading IWIMs repulsor attacks was fixed. Yesterday I fought NCrawler on P3 T2 "Best Defense" node. Know it increases evade ability accuracy +40%, but IWIM Repulsors say they "cannot be evaded" & doesn't have a %. Even in Neyaphem 22% & after SP1 33% chance to evade, Plus 40% AA would = 95% Total, not more than 100%. If it's +40% AA increase to 22% + 33% = 77% Total,...that's if IWIMs was a %, but it doesn't describe that. Also, even if he's evading on the 1st & 3rd L hit then countering me, I'd still be "intercepting" him with my 2nd & 4th L attacks like every other scenario. This has only happened in AW after the 24.2 Fix. The D.Tactic was Bulwark, NOT Dodge. Am I missing some interaction or is this a bug in AW or on this Node Only??? Plz share bc this was super annoying. Don't have video bc IWIM got KO'd & wasn't gonna Revive to record it, then maybe get KO'd again. Lol
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