Another reason why taking way defender kills is short sighted

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You would run into a situation where you come up against a group that isn't as skilled and basically outlasts you solely due to items. As per the above, we had 52 MORE DEFENDER KILLS than this group and the match was still close because they just kept using revives and potions. In 15.0 we would lose to this group every time. I don't know how many items they used exactly but 52 MORE DEFENDER KILLS, it had to have been substantial.

There needs to be some sort of reward to the alliance that is forcing the other group to use items. Why even focus on good placement if the other team can just plow through with items and NO PENALTY. With no penalty you're just going to have tiers that are impossible to win in unless you use items, not sure how that is "diverse."

You think shell alliances are a problem now? Wait until you hit that "pay to win" tier, people are just going to go to a shell alliance and start over.

You want to talk about people quitting after losing one champ? People aren't even going to try in AW once they realize they're going up against a group that will use all of their items. Using items used to be part of the strategy of AW, you had to weigh whether using that item was more advantageous to your group or the other but now it's not even a thought.

I posted this in the main 15.0 thread but moderators haven't answered any real questions in there for a while now.

@Kabam Miike if you're going to close this thread can you please answer some REAL questions in the main thread. There are quite a few legitimate concerns that are just being ignored. At least acknowledge some of them.....


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