Suggestion to curb the shell alliance problem in seasonal wars

Many who play in seasonal wars have experienced the growing issue of alliances pulling their members between 2 or more alliances, to artificially increase or decrease their war ratings, for much more favourable and in most cases, lopsided matchups, usually guaranteeing themselves higher reward payouts at a season’s end, for the least amount of risk/effort, as they’re beating up on alliances much weaker than their own. My alliance personally experienced a season where 9/12 of our wars were against teams who were rated at the stone or silver level a season before, while we are routinely in the plat 3 level of play. These alliances would go on to finish in the plat 1 or master categories.

I don’t believe the spirit of competition in seasonal wars was meant to allow for this sort of behaviour, and it seems like Kabam has either doesn’t care enough about correcting it, or doesn’t have a way to do so.

What I propose to make the shell game useless, is the following:

Attribute war ratings to individual player profiles (much like prestige is now for Alliance Quest) and use the alliance average of these individual member war ratings, to produce the actual war rating that is applied during the war matchmaking process.

What this should do, is keep players with high war ratings, unable to evade matching up with opponents who have had the actual same level of war success in favour of easy matchups. In the proposed scenario, an alliance that would normally leave their high war rated team to fill up one that has been sandbagging for one or more seasons to lower their rating, will now have their rating essentially follow them, making it impossible to avoid equal level competition, unless they actually lose wars with the accounts they are using as their mains, and not just secondary place holders.

I think this would be relatively simple to implement in the game, and keep players competing within the brackets they realistically should be.


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