This just happened in AQ :(

A member in my alliance was fighting Dormammu in AQ map 4. He beat him badly, and with 10 seconds left the fat monster make him pay by activating his SP3.


This guy was really happy, because he had hit him hard. He was bragging about it to the rest of the people in his BG, until...


So, as you might understand, he is disappointed, mad, and so the rest of us are. This tends to happen in arenas, winning a fight and seeing a "network connection problem" while you keep receiveng messages and emails, and then losing the fight. But this is totally different. What's next? Spending units or money on revives because we can't get them as rewards as we are playing harder maps?

Please check this type of errors and issues that actually affect our gameplay.


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    Did he have the shielded node still up?
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    That's a good point. Let me check if he has already calmed down :D:D

    P.D. I don't remember seeing a shield node on AQ map 4. Perhaps I'm wrong. I was in another BG. Even though, as long as I remember, when a shield node is active you don't see the enemie's life decreasing while you are fighting him. In the first image, Dormammu's life has been reduced to about 50%.
  • VeggettaVeggetta Posts: 42
    The_One wrote: »
    Did he have the shielded node still up?

    He says only the 200% health node was active at the time of the fight.
  • VeggettaVeggetta Posts: 42
    For the record, he was using a 64GB iPhone S6 plus
  • Rednick69Rednick69 Posts: 325
    I don't understand what we are mad about?
  • WolfGuyWolfGuy Posts: 92
    Another example of how they **** you.
  • X3boss187X3boss187 Posts: 15
    Well I think the shield node hit wouldn't of made any damage especially that much health lost
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