We are currently working to fix a known issue regarding Alliance Prestige. With the introduction of Relics, Summoner Prestige is now the average PI of your Top 5 Champions and the average PI of your Top 5 Relics (regardless of which Champion they are attached to) combined.

Today we pushed a fix that will allow for proper reward calculations in Alliance Quests. However, the display for Alliance Prestige will not be accurate and does not include Relic Prestige. This is a display issue only.
Some items are displaying erroneous star ratings. This seems to be happening most on items where typically there are no star ratings. We have found the cause for the issue and it will be resolved, targeting mid-late next week.

Yondu crystals

Where are they?


  • StavelotXoteStavelotXote Posts: 231
    Still no crystals what is the issue???
  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,872 ★★★★★
    TMK they run for 3 days upon release and the 1 day the following weekend (I think it's Sunday). After that in around 110 days they'll show up again a week prior to the addition to regular crystals.
  • StavelotXoteStavelotXote Posts: 231
    Thank you. I thought they came back during 2nd arena
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