Act 6.2 champion gates

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After completing and exploring Act 6.3 I'm going back and working on 6.2 after finally getting a few pivotal champs so that it's not a complete nightmare (5* Sym Supreme, 6* Heimdall). As I've worked my way through 6.2.1 - 6.2.5 I've noticed one thing... CHAMPION GATES SUCK!!!!!!! I have a pretty large roster of 5 and 6* champs with a decent amount of game skill to go with those champs, but I'm finding I'm struglling ALOT on ALOT of paths. I didn't find 6.3 anywhere near as hard, and I'm just wondering if anyone else who's explored 6.1,6.2 and 6.3 feel the same way.

Also having to face each quest boss 10 times is way too much... 6.3 got it right having only 6 paths even if some of them are longer.
The thought of having to deal with whatever gated path nodes are leading up to the next 9 6.2.6 Champion fights makes me really want to consider not exploring all of Act 6 :(


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    The only quests where they really suck are 6.2.5 and 6.2.6 because they require 4 champs which is dumb.

    Requiring 3 champs of a certain class or rarity is at least manageable for most end gamers.

    But you're right, having to contend with the punishing global nodes and gates at the same time is a double kick in the crotch.
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    Just imagine your a player who's been in game since day one... Have a huge 5 and 6* roster but only have 3 5* Mystic champs because of RNG.... You'd NEVER be able to explore 6.2... I know the chances of that are slim, but there's still a chance that's happened.
    In most cases it's people have 4 useless options for champs of a certain class as 5* that aren't worth rank 4, but to explore the content your choices are to pay out the nose to get those crappy champs past a path, OR rank up usless champs just because of that path to save as many ressources and units as possible... People probably had to rank up 5* Groot, Karnak and War Machine just to have a fighting chance at some of 6.2..... that's depressing lol
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    I ended doing 4 runs in 6.2.6.

    1 path straight down the middle for 1st run for completion.

    Next 3 runs I took on 2 to 3 loops to knock it so I wouldn't have to fight the champion more than I had too. Those paths were not that bad. Only 1 run of the champion was terrible and that was with the science team with no retreat against the champion. Used caiw/sym and took me about 5 to 10 revives that time. Other runs were a lots less than that.
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    I agree with OP its not fun. I have 100% of act 6 1-3 but 6.2 was by far the least fun and hardest content. especially the last two that required 4 of a rarity. took away a lot of synergies and specific counters to champs or nodes i would normally use. I did not rank anyone up past rank 3 so that also made the fights long and annoying. 6.3 was a breeze for me I loved it after dealing with 6.2
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