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Top 380 AQ (6x5) // LF2 with 9.2k+ prestige

OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 872 ★★★★

About Us

We're an organised, well-established, and highly experienced alliance with a loyal core of members, many of whom have been together for a number of years. Mix of European and US timezones.

Alliance Quest

- Consistently ranked top 380
- 350mil+ points, running 6x5 across all BGs (heroic modifiers)
- 4800 glory per week, Map6 and Map7 crystals

Alliance War

- Tier 9/10 wars, lower pressure
- Aiming for Gold 1/2 running 3BGs
- Well-organised (100% diversity and assigned paths/minis)


Looking for 2 players with Map6 experience, ideally 9.2k+ prestige. Can accommodate an immediate move (before the upcoming war), or before the start of the next AQ cycle.

Willing to be flexible on prestige if you have good potential to increase it down the line.

Reach out to Octoberstack or XCrip on Line if interested.


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