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What happens if I pulled a champ I sold after selling it (Namor)?

StarhawkStarhawk Posts: 303 ★★
So....back when you could sell champs I sold my max sig 5* namor. After the deadline passed I pulled him as a 5*....

how will that affect my refund next week? Should I sell him again? Hopefully someone at Kabam can find out?



  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 1,942 ★★★★
    You can’t sell him anymore. It will just be a dupe probably. I’m sure they accounted for that happening.
  • AshKetchumAshKetchum Posts: 258 ★★
    Dont sell him again. You'll get your old one back but I'm pretty sure it will be as a dupe to your new one
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