Daylight savings time change messing with AQ?

So day 2 of AQ should be done by now but it's not. Why is that Kabam? Now every Alliance I am sure is being affected by this and because at least for my alliance who is very diverse in where in the world we are all located will be shorted an entire hour and change for day 5 which I feel is very unfair. Please respond with some answers moderators as to why this will be happening?

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  • Why do you say your AQ 24 hours should have ended by now ?

    In fact, it is impossible that it should be done, since (taking US-NY time of normal start of 3pm for overall AQ Series) there is no way that on a “didn’t change clocks yet” time right now of “old-time” 2:23pm US-NY, that it could be considered as greater than 24 hours (x2 days) so far. Note, the “current, adjusted” US-NY time as of Reply is 3:23pm.

    You still get 24 hours to do it (just don’t look at your “changed clocks” to go off of.
  • ...or, did the Pre-Daylight day 2 days ago actually start an hour early, in anticipation of having the FINISHING day’s be aligned with the POST-DAYLIGHT local times ??? (actually never bothered to check at 2pm couple days ago to see whether it started then or not).
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    Yesterday I started my Alliance's AQ at 1:08pm mountain standard time Saturday March 7th. Which means with the 5 to 7 min buffer time between when AQ ends and AQ can be started again my Alliance's AQ should have ended at 1:08-1:10pm today Sunday March 8th. But it says it won't be done until 2-2:05pm. Mountain time. So by my calculations with moving the clocks ahead 1 hour here in Colorado my alliance is missing out on an hour of AQ unless Kabam already calculated that in the AQ week so that by day we lose the usual 25 mins because of stoppage time between an AQ ending and AQ being able to start again.
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    (ignoring the extra minutes...)
    So you started at 1pm (Mountain, which FYI for others looking is 3pm EST or NY)
    Then overnight you move clock ahead by 1 hour.
    So today what will be 2pm on clocks will be equivalent of what was 1pm yesterday. Thus 24 hours.

    No problem there. Your overall ending for entire AQ series (you can see) will be in approx 15 minutes fron now in 3 days. So overall ends 2pm Mountain (4pm EST/NY). Overall still exactly 24 hrs times 5 days.
    Check out your MAIN AQ PAGE to see the overall Ending time that will be in 3 days.
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    Copy that 👍👍
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