Women of Power objective bug

So the objective that requires you to win 50 fights as a female champ specifies the game modes it counts. However the one that requires you to win fights in particular ways with female champs(heavy attack, sp3, DOT’s) does not specify game modes, but seems to work the same way the 50 fight objective does. I used Ghost in a couple of fights in AQ and finished with a sp3(yes, I’d already completed the heavy attack one and already gotten some of the sp3 fights done in the EQ in case that question comes up).


  • Kenny292Kenny292 Posts: 546 ★★
    Another lack of specificity on the third one. “Win 10 fights where the final blow is dealt by: Bleed, Incinerate, Shock or Poison as a female Champion.”

    Used X-23 in arena after finishing the sp3 fights and the opponent had a few stacks of bleed as I got them to low health and I stopped attacking to let the bleeds finish him off. This didn’t count toward the objective. I’m pretty sure it’s because they had suicides and either that particular stack of bleed or poison is what took the last bit of health. The way the objective is worded doesn’t seem specify that it has to be one of those DOT’s from myself, only that I’m using a female champion and one of those DOT’s deals the final damage, regardless of the source of that DOT.

    I know these objectives are still very much doable obviously, but it is a nuisance especially when it’s not specified otherwise in the wording.
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