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Filtering Champions by Tags

MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
edited March 2020 in Suggestions and Requests
It’d be convenient if we could sort our champions based on tags.

For example: If you filter by #Avengers only champions with the #Avengers tag would show.


  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Being able to sort by gender would be useful to. Particularly for the current event.
  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 575 ★★★
    Good idea !

    And by the way if kabam could by default disable the option to show champions that de don’t have ...
  • JNCLKJNCLK Posts: 2
    Brilliant idea, in fact it’s the reason I joined the forum to suggest to filter by #Tagging. So much easier to match champs for special tasks/events or otherwise.
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