Can/should I be using Namor right now?

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I want to explore Act 6 with Namor for certain paths/fights, so if I take him back up to r5 sig 200 and go into a quest, do I run the chance of Kabam just yanking him to "FIX" the extra dup I got by their mistake? What would that do to my Story Quest or EQ run?

6.4 is coming out tomorrow and I was planning on going hard to complete and explore it and Act 6, but if I'm going to be throwing boosts, energy and ressources into this planning on having Namor there to deal with alot of the garbage unavoidable damage fights, I don't want to find out I suddenly have an empty spot on my roster because Kabam decided to pull him back into the operating room.

I don't do AW and AQ just ended so I was planning on taking as much time as possible for each quest to work through it at a manageable pace, so I could have my champs stuck in a Story quest for a couple days in case people want to use the defence that my champs will be in and out of quests so fast this shouldn't be an issue... I took 2-3 days each to slowly take on inital clear of act 6.2.5 and 6.2.6 FUN quests :|....
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