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Cost, Effectiveness, and Availability of Alliance Health Potions & Revives

I'd like to start with a nod and a thank you for the updates to Basic L4 and L5 Health Potions without any cost increase. It was wonderful. Now, let's get into Alliance Health Potions and Revives. The costs are a tad rough these days considering they're ALL numbered and not percentage based. The highest Alliance Health Potion available for purchase is the L4. Which are 100 units (or you can snag 2× of them @ 80 units each from the 'On Sale' section) each, or start at 260 Glory each for 6k Health restored. With maxed 5* and 6* R2s (and now R3s) being the goto for many, those little L4 pots aren't really cutting it. For your average 5* R5 full health is around 28-30k. So that's an easy 5 to bring them back to full health. You'll need 2 in the event of a connection drops during a match load. They add up quickly in certain situations.

In the days of 4* R5s and 5* R3s, 2-3 would bring you close to, if not to full health. With the ever expanding health pools from the nodes, abilities of new champs, and the limited item uses in AQ and AW (mainly AW)... these health potions aren't really cost effective anymore IMHO. It's high time a L5 Alliance Health Potion found it's way into game for purchase, and a slight cost change in the lower levels. I'm not saying give them away, but when 80 units is the 'sale price,' limit 2 per 2 weeks, for 1/5 of a champ's health bar, it's starting to get a little painful. As the game is shifting focus towards 6* champions, this is only gonna get worse.

Now, onto Revives. This is something that's been bothering me for sometime now. Why are we limited to only Team Revives for purchase? We RARELY get an opportunity to allocate single champ Alliance Revives. They do exist, but they're not available for purchase and that's bloody frustrating in my eyes. Especially when you utilize a team revive to bring back 1 champ and it has 0 impact on the rest of your team. I wouldn't be so miffed if the revive acted as a team health potion for the live champs. As of now, it doesn't.

Couple that with again the ever increasing health pools of our attackers, those L1 and L2 Team revives are a sliver of health, and certainly NOT cheap. Even the L3 (the highest available for purchase) Team Revives give less than 1/5 of your health bar back on a 5* R5, let alone a 6* R3. At 365 units a pop... that's a tad rough (also 292 units for 2× inside 2 weeks 'On Sale'), or 92k Loyalty (I think) if you manage to snag them when they're available. The L1 Revive being 350 HP, limited to 1 per 8 days in the Glory store, mid peak milestones in SA, or luck via certain crystals (or the Halls of Healing), it's kind of funny that we can't get these on demand via units as a cheaper alternative to bringing back 1 champ.

At the end of the day, Alliance Health Potions and Revives need some attention. Higher Tiers added, a slight cost adjustment, and single revives being made available for purchase are the main desires. I doubt we'll ever get to see percentage based revives like we get in solo quests. Which is fine. Although the concept of such is nice in theory anyway, lol.

I understand that Alliance modes are designed to be competitive, and limits need to be in place. That's fine. However, when those limits do not expand with the rest of the game's expansion, it causing an unnecessary waste of resources. Be you a F2P or P2P player, I'm sure many would agree that the current state of Alliance Health Potions and Revives is a BIT behind the rest of the game. These aren't rewards, these are tools to assist us on our path to rewards. Outdated, and in turn, seemingly overpriced tools. Anyone else agree with this? Anyone else getting tired of blowing a whole Team Revive to bring back a key champ in either AQ or AW? Anyone else feel like they're blowing more resources for less efficient turn out when it comes to Alliance Health Potions and Revives?


  • Bugmat78Bugmat78 Posts: 1,819 ★★★★★
    Just to say I agree - it's counter productive when you have to spend "half" your AQ rewards on half a dozen pots because they are not sufficient enough when you buy one or two.
  • SeraphionSeraphion Posts: 1,496 ★★★★
    Im playing in war Tier 2 and I can say the heals do very little. A little mistake and you can die there. Costs 5 heals to come back to full hp. I mean you can argue that I should just play better = less item use but its not easy.
    I would welcome a % heal
  • _RĘÇKLĘŞŞ__RĘÇKLĘŞŞ_ Posts: 38
    Alternative idea is to replace/remove Alliance health/revives. It unjustly supports a pay 2 win in those modes for those willing and able to fork over cash for overpriced potions. It allows the spenders an unfair advantage to just keep buying pots and bashing nodes until they hit item limit or kill boss.

    The scale of the pots is clearly broken. A 350 hp revive won't do jack all in pretty much any alliance war or quest, that's just a joke...

    I saw someone mention something similar the other day but don't remember who/where, but instead of reworking the values cost just remove purchasable heals/revives from alliance activities. Replace them with a set revive and/or heal for each round. Perhaps something like 1 7500hp team revive and 2 3000 hp single heals. That way you have enough to take a few hits and get back in the fight, but that's all you get for entire war or per quest map.. Thought about % pots but could get a bit unfair depending on what tier champs are being used. That gives everyone the chance to recover from a bad fight or 2 without making it ridiculous to keep popping pots to win... Maybe also add a small point penalty for potion/revive use as a disincentive to rely on them.
  • _RĘÇKLĘŞŞ__RĘÇKLĘŞŞ_ Posts: 38

    Example of exactly what I mean. 20 players on enemy team and we had 61 defender kills. They just kept dying, reviving and healing until they made it to and killed boss node.
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