Use more champs, different quest

I think we should be able to go in different quest at one time, just use different champs. For instance, say we have a group of champs in a quest, and we want to start another quest (maybe it’s fixing to end or just bored); we should be able to choose another group of champs (different because same champs can’t be in 2 separate places) and enter a different quest. It would cause us to use more than the same 6-10 champs all the time and good reason to upgrade more champs. You could limit the amount of quest we could be in - 3 or so or maybe 1 quest allowed for each event; like one quest in story and one in daily and one in monthly. It would be a good reason people would use more champs instead of having 50 champs and only using 6-10 of them all the time.
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