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Champion Rank Up Requiring 2 different Tier 2 class catalysts

Hello, I am attempting to rank up my 4* Karnak from rank 1 to rank 2 and it's requiring 4 Tier 3 Basis, 2 Tier 2 Skill, and 1 Tier 2 Cosmic catalyst, but when I attempt to rank up my Falcon, it only requires 4 Tier 3 Basis and 2 Tier 2 Skill.

Here are my specs:
Device: iPhone XR
OS: 13.3.1
Game Version: 26.0
Mobile Carrier: T-Mobile
Both Cellular and WiFi


  • Lopes247Lopes247 Posts: 20
    Thats becuz he is part of the Inhumans which r cosmic champs and has no specific superpower like medusa r black bolt. His ability to focus and determine multiple outcomes of fights is a skill hence the skill cats needed for rank up
  • buffajrbuffajr Posts: 403 ★★
    It’s the game trying to save you from ranking up Karnak
  • crogscrogs Posts: 637 ★★★
    It's the continual "Kabam makes no sense". Like Unstoppable Colossus would be mystic and mutant, but isn't. Like SIM would be cosmic and tech, but isn't. Like Unstoppable Colossus can't do his namesake without being duped, not even at the start of a fight like Juggs can do unduped.
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