Biweekly T4C LF 2 4700+ Summoners

9.2M alliance is looking to fill 2 spots with summoners that can run map 5 and 6 and have minimum 4700 prestige.

We are a fun, friendly, real-life matters first alliance. We communicate and are very organized. We run map 6 one day per AQ every other week in order to reach top 300 (full t4c). We are looking to fill 1-2 spots that are opening up with high prestige summoners (4700+) who are either a boss killer or can clear lines on map 5/6. Reach out to:

Andrew&Daddy (Line ID: Richie731)
Man a la Pan (Line ID: manalapan)
Tinkz88 (Line ID: Tinkz88xx)
Bruteforce75 (Line ID: Bruteforce75)

About Us
Events: Duels - 650 minimum. Completion - 15k minimum. Item Use - 2k minimum. Arena - up to you.
AQ: 56555 biweekly (55555)
AW: Tier 1-2
SA: Weekly, no holding
Donations: 170k gold, 14.6k loyalty, and 35k battlechips weekly. Enough to run our planned AQ maps.
Chat: GroupMe. Line ID above is for recruiting.

It is a great group of people. I have never enjoyed the game more than when playing with this alliance.
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