do you think kabam should update road to the labyrinth rewards. As you no longer need to complete RTTL to enter the labyrinth of legends. I feel like the difficulty should be dramatically reduced to be in keeping with the rewards. Or the rewards need to be buffed a lot to reflect the difficulty. going up against multiple 14k pi champions over 6 quests in chapter 4 to get 1k 5 star shards a t4cc and a 4 star awakening gem are ridiculously low level for the effort and skill required


  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    No they shouldn`t. It is in no way required to do RTTL. The only content that is allowed a buff from time to time are Story Acts. To help newer players catch up a little. And make the beginners acts feel smoother instead of roadblocks. Up to act 5. Where the game is now, only act 1 to 4 were worth upgrading.
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