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Hey guys I need a lot of glory, and the alliance I am currently is not good for me. Can you guys recommend me a good one? Thanks


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    Who are your top champs?
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    1. You have made too many posts
    2. You have a very beginner level roster
    3. You need to have some more info ex. top champs, activity level
    Go on recommended alliances and find a good bronze alliance and make sure that everyone in it has been active in the past 2 days.
    An alliance I would recommend for you is one that I was in a few months back. They are pretty active and bronze 3 in AW.
    The alliance tag is (D v E), and the name is detroit versus everyone. They are not the best, but the leader and officers are good people and will help you out. They have fallen a bit since I left, but it will be a good starting point for
  • Jayfee252Jayfee252 Posts: 40
    oh thanks lowlevelplayer I don't play that much
  • Hawkt1Hawkt1 Posts: 12
    come check out 41sqn we are mainly re-role accounts and are very consistant in AQ / AW

    message me ingame but i wont be able to reply until tomorrow morning im at work
  • Jayfee252Jayfee252 Posts: 40
    is that ur username Hawkt1
  • Hawkt1Hawkt1 Posts: 12
    yes mate
  • Jayfee252Jayfee252 Posts: 40
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    You need to decide what your priorities are in the game. In order to earn a lot of glory you need to be active everyday in AQ. You won't find an alliance that will keep u around if u aren't active and contributing. My point is you state you don't play much so why do you think you should get a lot of the rewards for playing when u don't play much. See the problem here.
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