Repeating fight EQ UC, 2.1

I've come across a fight in EQ that kept repeating.
Uncollected, chapter 2.1. Iron fist.
Fought using HT.
KO'd, but I wasnt paying much attention as I was watching tv too.

Started my next fight.
Iron fist again. Did this twice more before I properly realised I shouldn't be fighting iron fist so much and something was going wrong.

Filmed it a final time.
Complete the fight, game doesnt register it.

Closed the game and re-open and I was able to progress, but figured it was important to flag this up.


  • Silver_SagaSilver_Saga Posts: 153
    Kabam, can you tell us that you are aware and looking into this please ? This is getting annoying ! I just had to fight freaking MODOK twice in the epic Moleman exploration, the second time with half my health gone, just because reasons I suppose !
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