Some praise and some griping

Start positive: as a heavy arena grinder, I truly thank you for speeding up the arena process. It is absolutely fantastic!

Negative: Despite everything I've been told about equal drop rates and no changes to certain crystals, I just can't believe it.

I open 35 to 45 arena crystals everyday, force opening 5 at a time, 7 to 9 times throughout the day. For MONTHS my average was well over 150 and I would draw blanks (no units from 5 crystals) an average of between 3 to 4 of those 7 to 9 pulls. Over the last month my average is approx 120 and I'm averaging blanks between 4 to 5 pulls.

Also, I open almost 3 4☆ crystals a week. Besides Mordo once, I haven't pulled anyone released after cw panther, and that was probably 7 weeks ago. Just pulled my first strange after 23 months. I've pulled Yellowjacket as many times as strange, witch, ultron, widow, thor and widow combined. This doesn't include the 7 other bums I've pulled a minimum of 5 times each.

Seriously, am I to understand that I'm just cursed with bad luck? Can you appreciate that a point is reached where luck can no longer explain the phenomenon?


  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,460 ★★★★
    I've opened 20 aq crystals at once with no units or 30 units at most. It's just unlucky man
  • NinjaWarrior99NinjaWarrior99 Posts: 321
    the last two 10 packs I got 120 and 150 units
  • FthewiggFthewigg Posts: 104
    Today: 7 blanks from 10 pulls 105 units/50 crystals
    Yesterday: 5 blanks from 8 pulls 180 units/40 crystals
    3 days ago: 9 blanks from 10 pulls 45 units/50 crystals

    These are not isolated cases. This is a month long trend. I suppose I was just very lucky for 6 months and suddenly am very unlucky this past month.
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