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Kabam really needs to fix this!.. it's been going on too long

This has been going on for YEARS now. I dont care what type of reception I'm getting while playing, but I should never be penalized because the game froze on me before the fight started. As soon as I hit the 'fight' button the game froze on me. OF COURSE, when I jump back into the game my character has about 75% of their health gone!!!!

When are you gonna fix this Kabam!!!!

It used to be 50% of my health if I would somehow get kicked out before the fight actually started...but now 75%!!!seriously?!?!?

I know this issue doesn't happen that often, but when it does it's super irritating.

Luckily my AQ team is doing really good at the time so the UNNECESSARY lose of health didnt really negatively impact me or my team. It's just the fact of the matter that this is STILL an ongoing issue with this game.


  • Agree that there should be some type of PING between your device and the Servers at the time right as the opponent is shown and they start rushing towards each other.

    And if the Servers never got that initial PING, then it shouldn’t count as a disconnected fight. (many times the crash would happen somewhere between pressing START/FIGHT and when the fight scene is ever loaded up and displayed).

    But are you saying you are now losing 75% OF WHAT YOU WERE AT BEFORE trying to fight ? I haven’t read about any change to the 50% Loss routine.
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