Rank up

Guys plz help in Ranking up of ch
amps I'm in full confusion whom to rank up to rank4 /5


  • AzKicker316AzKicker316 Posts: 752 ★★★
    I suggest save your resources.

    But if you have to, and those are your only choices, then possible sinister because he can block unblockable, or DV or colossus. I don't know how good Fantastic is though.
  • Monto_Carlos28Monto_Carlos28 Posts: 191
    Colossus cause he's pretty good. Those immunities plus synergies. Plus I find him useful against Domino.
    Doc Vodoo. He needs to be duped to be super effective but nonetheless, he's really good. I love his sp2 power control plus that sp1 spam kills it.
    Sabertooth is also another good option. Can't say much about him but he's good.
    As for Mr. Fantastic, I don't have him do I can't say much. How do you find him? Maybe you don't know how to use him correctly? Search some YouTube videos on how to properly use him
    Mr. Sinister, meh! I have him but don't use him at all except arenas.
    Hope this helps. Plus who do you enjoy playing with? That's what matters.
  • samalasravansamalasravan Posts: 126
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