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Hello & Greetings

Firstly, I hope you all are safe from the COVID virus outbreak.

I have a very simple request / suggestion.

Currently, all champions that can be ranked up have the same BLUE arrow icon on their picture profile.
One has to go on to a particular champion, click on UPGRADE and then is able to view if all requirements are meet for upgradation or not
Your AI all ready recognizes if the criteria is fulfilled or not i.e. cataylsts.

Can you simply have two different colours for the arrows where the requirements are meet or not.
I.E. where all requirements are meet please make the arrow colour GREEN and where it has not bern met either the current BLUE or RED.

This way we don't have to open each champion each time to view which one we can upgrade.

Thanks & Regards,



  • Sean_WhoSean_Who Posts: 84
    Already suggested, fix will be in next update.
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