Crystal ordering

Will @Kabam Miike ever fix the crystal ordering issue?


  • Not listed in the Changelog for upcoming April 26.1.

    But IT IS LISTED in the Known Issues thread, as being RESOLVED for the (26.0 ?) Update.
    Everything in there is listed as being for the 26.0, but think they made a mistake and meant for them all to say 26.1 (the 26.0 is what we currently have in the March version).

    I hope it also fixes the similar issue where you have both the Daily and the 4-hr Free Crystal READY on main page. Used to always be 1st READY would be the Yellow/Orange DAILY crystal, and if you saw it Yellow/Orange you would obviously return afterward to the main screen again and proceed to open the GREEN 4-hr Free crystal then too.

    But ever since the Bug, it would be random (when both were Ready) as to which one (Orange or the Green) would show first. Normally if it’s the Green one, I used to never bother going back to see if Orange was also there because Orange used to always be 1st.
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