My idea for a magneto rework

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Ability’s:Aura Of Magnetism Shock Unblockable Power Gain

Passive: Metal Detection

Metal Detection: Magnetos mutant power is magnetism when facing champions with #Metal he will gain multiple advantages When facing a #Metal champion they will have a 90% abilty accuracy reduction and a will do 50% less damage Magento will gain 50% attack instead When Facing a #Metal Champ he will also be able to bypass miss and evade.

Aura Of Magnetism: A Aura Of Magnetism will arrive when you do a SP3 it’s very similar to omega reds death field. If the opponent is near magneto they will start to take energy damage from the Aura and will scale the longer magneto is near the opponent to compensate for the Aura activating on the SP3 the aura has a 40 second duration

SP1: Magneto Will Hurl a Magnetic Object at the opponent once the attack is complete gain a power gain buff after 10 seconds it will give you a bar of power and then go into Cooldown for the next 30 seconds

SP2 Magneto sends a electrical object to the opponent and will inflict a shock debuff this will lower defensive power gain by 30% if the champion has a #Metal tag reduce defensive power gain my 80% The Shock debuff does 3034.21 energy damage over 15 seconds This Attack is Also Unblockable

SP3 Magnetos Begins a assault on the opponent with metal After the SP3 is over gain Aura Of Magnetism

Signature Abilty: When facing a #Metal Champion all of his ability’s have increased abilty accuracy based on Sig level

Thank you for reading my idea for a magento rework I have no idea for any synergy’s lol but please let me know your opinion on this 🙂


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    I really like this, maybe a little too powerful, but definitley seems like a cool idea
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