Map7***P3-P4***Looking for "merge"

Hello gents,

So, little bit about us. We are 32mil+ alliance which use to play P3 and map6 and our average prestige is about 10.2-10.3k.

Most of us are together for a long time but probably same as in every alliance there are people which would like to go harder, people which are happy with where they are and people which would like to slow down a bit. Some like AQ more than AW, some like AW more than AQ, some would like there is neither of those 😂
Anyhow, I belive you understand what I'm talking about...

So what we are looking for ( if it even exist ) is alliance or group of people, let's say 10-15 people, which would like to play mostly map7, 77766 or something like that ( negotiable ).
Call it merge or however you want, point is there is core of about 15 of us who would like to switch to map7 and looking for group of people which would like to do the same.
Also we like AW so we would normally play it too, P3 or P4.
We are not in any rush, it's just something what we looking for in near future.

For more info or anything hit me on Line, my ID is: Venom787

Looking forward for some business:)


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