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23 mil Ally LF 3 active experience players for map 5 &6 AQ

Hello all. in my prior post I was looking for 2 experienced active players, now I am looking for 3 players to join my Alliance.

AW is currently in a transition as what the alliance will do but I would appreciate those that wouldn't mind participating in AW.

AQ breakdown

Bg1 map 5x5
Bg2 map 5x5
Bg3 map 6x2, map 5x3 I would really like some players with map 6 experience.

As far as activity I need players that can be active in all 3 sections of an AQ map if possible. Especially the 2nd and 3rd section for map 6

We are US based with 15 of us from the States and the other 12 are from the UK, Asia, Canada and Mexico.

If interested hit me up on the line app my name is zbot34. Thanks
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