11mill Active Semi Retired Alliance Needs a Few

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While we have some fond and not so fond memories of competitive and active times with this game, we've found that real life was much more enjoyable when took a bunch of steps back and went casual.

War: We don't do war. Nobody wants to take the time to organize or be responsible enough to log in on a timely basis. But if someone wanted to try and lead the way to do one BG, I'm sure some would give it a go with the extra free time.

AQ: We do map 2 with Master modifiers. Doing two BG's at the moment gets us about 20 mill. Why map 2? Because your champions aren't locked so we can work on hard content with our best Champs. The modifiers keep it interesting and bump up the score. We can easily finish with no waiting on nodes, and bosses with active nodes can be a nice challenge. I'll admit a noded hela has taken out my max corvus and domino (damn unstoppable).

I'm definitely at no shortage of t4c and use my glory for T5 basic and t2a when needed. So the time and effort spend vs the rewards given is a nice balance.

Safe to say there are no donations necessary so all your gold and chips are for your use.

Events: There generally is no requirement to do them, but we generally do well enough to get an alpha and full energy refill. We do have the capability to do well if there seems like we're making a push on one.

SA: we do hold for every third SA. Why? Rewards. We can put up over 500k easy every third SA. We've put up over 750k on occasion. Those rewards are much better than middling efforts going every SA or every other. It might seem annoying at first, but once you're in a rhythm of it, it just becomes normal.

We do have a mix of old and new-ish. If you can hang on the master modified map 2 as a newer player, you just might earn better rewards than being in a more active lower level alliance. If you're a seasoned vet and want to focus on high to end game content, it's great to do minimal alliance work and keep all of your resources and keep all of your champs free.

Feel free to check out out (LEVI) Leviathan. Alliance is open, so you can just join. You're welcome to send me a message in game or on the Line app. I'm crogs in both places. We still have our alliance chat on Line. Not as active as it used to be, but people are around and we have chatty moments here and there. Some old Levi are still in there as old bonds just keep people around. So you can get some good tips from guys that are still active at high levels.

Any questions, ask away. Hope to see some new faces.



  • crogscrogs Posts: 634 ★★★
    With AQ starting soon, thought I'd bump this up.
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