AI Glitch

I understand that people have been aware of this bug for a while and there have been many complaints about it. I would ask that Kabam please have an open mind throughout my discussion.

So, we have been having issues with the AI attacking with specials through the block. This interferes with special baiting, in game mechanics, and even champion abilities. This issue needs to be solved or else we will continue to have a disadvantage against the AI versus an advantage. We need this advantage(our minds) in order to get through quests without dying.

Secondly, this glitch not being solved gives the player base a large level of uncertainty. It makes many of us more hesitant to spend, to play, and to stay with the game. It makes me wonder if this bug isn’t getting fixed, what will. I don’t want nor do I need compensation but we do need this bug to be fixed so that the game can be more tolerable for the player base.
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